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SME industry day at OHB September 25th, 2019

Best of Space initiated an industry day at OHB, Bremen, September 25th, 2019.

Under the direction of Maik Plenter, Director Procurement OHB, projects and offer activities on the missions HERA, LaGrange and Copernicus were presented by the host.

Maik Plenter, OHB Director Procurement

Thomas Hintze from ASP coordinated the preparation for the SMEs.

Thomas Hintze, ASP

Dr. Ernst Pfeiffer introduced the topic from the perspective of SMEs.

Dr. Ernst Pfeiffer, HPS

Many present space SMEs took the opportunity of a short presentation. OHB presented commercial requirements for SME offers. After a plenary discussion, there was time and space for B2B meetings.

Dr. Kolja Nicklaus, STI

An effective and informative exchange from an SME point of view.

Contact: Thomas Hintze
Advanced Space Power Equipment GmbH (ASP)
E-Mail: t.hintze@asp-equipment.de
Telephone: +49 (7553) 5909-233