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SME4SPACE industry survey: “Space activities of SMEs in Europe”

Dear Company,

Following our previous communications regarding the survey on “Space activities of SMEs in Europe”, we would like to thank those who have already provided their reply (60 in total).

The replies we have received so far will be used for the analysis, but in order to obtain the necessary sample size required to derive qualified statements concerning the space activities of European SME it was decided to simplify the existing survey by reducing the number of questions and requiring less data to be provided. Thus, a new link with a simplified survey is provided:


Kindly to note here that those who have partially completed the survey can either submit it as it is or take the new simplified one. The new link will be active until 30th November 2021.

By filling this questionnaire, you will actively contribute to a better understanding of the involvement of SMEs in the European space and space-related activities. As a result, this survey will be an important contribution to understand and represent the SME increasing share of the European space industrial landscape. As well as, to get the best overview of the ecosystem and also to benefit the community with future opportunities and support to policy making for space SMEs.

As mentioned above, the survey is organised with the support of the University of Leuven along with the ESA SME Initiative and SME4SPACE intending to provide a run-through of upstream/downstream and space-related activities (use of space technology in other industries) in the period of 2015-2020.

We encourage you to answer the questionnaire to the best of your abilities, not forgetting to go to the last page of the survey and click “submit”.

We would appreciate your participation and contribution in this initiative.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Rosario Pavone

Technologielaan, 9
Leuven B3001