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ILA 2022: ASP presents the SPICA-virtus PPU

Berlin, 23.06.2022.

ASP presents the market launch of the new SPICA-virtus Propulsion Power Unit at ILA 2022. In order to provide an answer to the market requirements for a thruster-independent and technologically innovative PPU, we have used a high degree of digitalization and novel GaN components, says CEO Dr. Reiner Strobel: “The digital concept also supports the switching of operating modes such as “Orbit Raising” and “Station Keeping”; in addition, we have automated the entire alignment, commissioning and test process to the greatest possible extent in order to clearly support the demand for cost-effectiveness.” With adaptations of the building block design approach, other thruster types can also be operated.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide further information to interested customers via the inquiry form at www.spica-ppu.com.

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