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MdB Dr. Anna Christmann visits Advanced Space Power Equipment GmbH (ASP) in Salem

CEO Reiner Strobel welcomes MdB Dr. Anna Christmann in her function as coordinator for aerospace of the German government when visiting Advanced Space Power Equipment GmbH (ASP) in Salem.

Galileo hardware in ASP cleamroom

Galileo hardware in ASP cleanroom (Dr. Anna Christmann (center), Reiner Strobel (front right)

During a tour at the company, it was demonstrated why ASP, as the most important German manufacturer of space power electronics, is involved in the European satellite navigation project Galileo as a critical infrastructure. The company not only develops, manufactures and delivers the power supply for the atomic clocks as the technical basis for the world’s most accurate navigation system. From 2025, the entire navigation instrument of the Galileo satellites of the 2nd generation will be operated with the Central Power Supply Unit (CPSU) of the Salem-based high-tech company ASP.

Mr. Volker Mayer-Lay (Member of the German Parliament) as well as Mr. Klaus Hoher (Member of the Baden-Württemberg Parliament) accompanied the visit at ASP, as well as the Wirtschaftsförderung Bodenseekreis. (thi)


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