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HPS antenna for space mission Heinrich Hertz passes meticulous test

With the launch of the Heinrich Hertz satellite in 2023, Germany will once again be flying the black-red-golden flag in satellite telecommunications – twenty years after the DFS Kopernikus mission completed in 2002 – on the innovative “Small Geo” platform from OHB 36,000 kilometers above the earth. On board Heinrich Hertz are some 20 experiments […]

Falcon 9 rocket successfully deploys innovative technology to keep space sustainably clean

On Wednesday, June 30, at 21.31 hrs CEST a Falcon 9 by Space X took off to a transporter 2-mission from legendary spaceport Cape Canaveral, Florida. On board: Italian NewSpace company D-Orbit´s ION Satellite Carrier on its „Wild Ride“-mission with tech-passengers from 11 countries, among that HPS ADEO-N2, named „Show me your Wings“. ION was […]

Europe has made its choice: HPS receives final GO to build HERA antenna which is to broadcast deep space showdown in 2024

The first defense mission of planet Earth against asteroid aggressors from space will be broadcasted live through an antenna in deep space built by Munich-based aerospace company HPS. It prevailed in two competitive preliminary design phase contracts within Europe. Experts are convinced that the HPS model offers the highest possible signal stability thanks to its […]

Life saver KEAN: Satellite communication “to go“

Space specialists close innovation gap for threatening situations In extreme cases, humans can do without many things for a certain period of time: clothing for months, depending on the weather, food for about three weeks and drinking water for up to three days. There is only one thing he really needs urgently and immediately: the […]

RUAG: Strategic Partnership Moves into the Next Round

RUAG Space | Media Relations | Schaffhauserstrasse 580 | 8052 Zurich | Switzerland | www.ruag.com Media Release Zurich, July 14, 2021 Strategic Partnership Moves into the Next Round With the signing of the contract for the 5 th modification of the development and production contract (“Mod5) for the Atlas as well as Vulcan Centaur rocket […]

Automatic unfurling of European Large Deployable Reflector successfully demonstrated

ESA, HPS GmbH and LSS GmbH have reached an important milestone in the development of the European Large Deployable Reflector or LDR. The team has demonstrated the automatic motorised deployment of the engineering model of the eight-metre wide antenna reflector. The design, build and testing of this full-size engineering model is a significant step forward […]

LEA-X5: New Movie on the completion of the European 5m X-band LDRS

Gladly HPS announces with a new 20-minutes-movie the completion of the H2020-development „LEA-X5“, the 5m class European Large Deployable Reflector Subsystem (LDRS) operating in X-band. The film itself is of course showing recent environmental and deployment tests, but it is mainly about PEOPLE, who are space engineers and space enthusiasts, and what they can achieve […]

European Premiere: arm and reflector of LEA-X5 successfully mated to form complete subsystem

Fifteen companies – mostly SMEs – from seven countries and one goal: a deployable 5-meter X-band-antenna as a preliminary development for the CIMR project, developed under the European H2020 program (2017-2021). For the first time ever, such a complete subsystem (HPS) has now been successfully assembled in Europe from the reflector- (LSS) and arm- (HPS) […]

Europe´s innovative deployable antenna technology takes the next hurdle: Test of LEA´s arm a full success

With the successful test of the Deployable Assembly Arm (DAA), which connects a Deployable Reflector Assembly (DRA) to the satellite, just completed at INEGI, the European LEA consortium led by HPS has cleared the next hurdle in the technical realization of Europe’s new antenna technology. The 5m long DAA consists of 3 hinge mechanisms and […]

Multi-hinge solar array deployment mechanism for Copernicus on ZeroG robot

upported by the ESA GSTP, STI today reached the next milestone with the start of the verification process of a 5-hinge-axes solar array deployment system, as will be used for the Copernicus expansion satellites, on a Zero-g robot (called “ZeroG”). Qualification is planned to be completed mid 2021. Solar array wings – state of the art Efficient […]

ASP Equipment delivers the EQM of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) for Kompsat 7 (K7)

The purpose of the KOMPSAT (KOrean Multi Purpose SATellite) is to provide high-resolution pictures for the purpose of precise earth observation from a low polar earth orbit. The satellite is equipped with a very accurate optical imaging camera and a high-resolution infrared sensor which allows to observe fire, volcanic activity and urban thermal islands during […]

Three more companies at Best-of-Space

You find three more companies at Best-of-Space: we are proud to present to you: Engineering Minds Munich GmbH (EMM), Magson GmbH and Software Competitiveness International GmbH (SoftCom) We are lucky to have the start-ups EMM and SoftCom with us! Engineering Minds Munich GmbH is a payload development company and acts as system and technology supplier […]

ESA and Thales Alenia Space Italy (TAS-I) authorize HPS to develop the large deployable reflector subsystem “LEA” for the Copernicus mission CIMR

It is official today, 02.12.2020: Europe is going to develop a new independent technology in the European space sector. Thales Alenia Space Italy has been selected by ESA and the European Commission as the Satellite Prime for the Copernicus mission CIMR contract. At the same time, HPS Germany, as leader of an SME-oriented consortium of […]

Igniting the Upper Stage on Europe’s path to technological non-dependence

ESA and Thales Alenia Space Italy (TAS-I) authorize HPS to develop the large deployable reflector subsystem “LEA” for the Copernicus mission CIMR  It is official today, 02.12.2020: Europe is going to develop a new independent technology in the European space sector. Thales Alenia Space Italy has been selected by ESA and the European Commission as […]

Fourfold successful premiere for Europe’s non-dependence in space

Deployable 5-meter “LEA” antenna starts baptism of fire on the test stand Punctually three years after the decision of the EU, in November 2017, to place the development of the critical space technology of an antenna that can be deployed in space in the hands of an SME-consortium with 15 companies from seven member states […]

Sail solutions for space junk

ESA reports on the activity of HPS in GSTP developing a deorbit-subsystem…

Freyer GmbH & Co. KG: new company profile on BoS

Freyer GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of very difficult milled and turned parts (single parts and small batch series), complete assemblies and also additive manufactured parts for aerospace.

ASP Equipment delivers the Protoflight-Model of the Instrument-Power-Unit for the EnMAP Mission

ASP Equipment delivers the Flight Model (PFM) of the EnMAP IPU to the instrument prime OHB-System AG in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany…

Flight model of the H2NBA Feed Assembly successfully completes RF test

The „Feed Assembly” as an essential component in the RF signal transmit/receive-chain of the Ka-band North Beam Antenna “H2NBA” for the Heinrich Hertz Mission was successfully assembled in February 2020…

ASP-Equipment contributes to PLATO science mission

PLATO is an ambitious science mission within ESAs Cosmic Vision program. ASP-Equipment has been contracted by ESA for the development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and test of the PLATO Ancillary Electronic Units (AEU)…

German Space SMEs at SpaceTechExpo 2019 in Bremen, Germany

The participation of German Space SMEs at SpaceTechExpo in Bremen is becoming a tradition. Like last time, the small and medium sized enterprizes have their own booth close to …

SME panel at SpaceTechExpo November 21st, 2019 in Bremen, Germany

Experts of ESA, SME4SPACE and AKRK present experiences and challenges for SME in the session ” The Hard Road to the Stars: Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs in the European Space Business” at fair SpaceTechExpo in Bremen, Germany November 21st, 2019 13:00-14:00h.

SME industry day at OHB September 25th, 2019

Best of Space initiated an industry day at OHB, Bremen, September 25th, 2019. Thomas Hintze from ASP…

LEA: A European Declaration of Non-dependence in Space

In the name of all members of our pan-European WeLEA-consortium we proudly present a video, documenting the successful road of the development of one of the most needed critical technologies in space: the Deployable Large European Antenna (LEA)…..

Europe´s Euclid-Mission Taking a Giant Leap Forward

HPS hands over Euclid´s Flight Model of Antenna Reflector Assembly (ARA) to TAS-I in Rome Euclid, ESA´s ambitious mission to map geometry and development of the Dark Universe over the past 10 billion years from 2022 on has taken a big step forward: HPS delivered the ARA-flight model hardware to ESA´s prime TAS in Rome […]

STI provides 1800 deployment mechanisms for Airbus Oneweb Satellites

No longer just a dream: Internet for everyone everywhere – Airbus OneWeb Satellites (AOS) is aiming for global broadband internet. The AOS mega constellation will consist of 900 small satellites. AOS selected SpaceTech to develop and deliver the 1800 solar array deployment mechanisms. …

HPS announcing crucial milestone set for Europe´s own large deployable reflector subsystem (LDRS)

Large deployable antenna reflectors are among the critical space technologies most urgently needed in Europe in order to drastically reduce the continent´s dependence on goodwill, knowhow, and supplies from the United States. …

SpaceTech’s EM of MERLIN frequency reference unit ready

Immenstaad, 27 September 2018: The German-French satellite MERLIN (Methane Remote Sensing LIDAR Mission) is a mission to observe the concentration of the greenhouse gas methane. In this cooperation between CNES and DLR, CNES signs responsible for the satellite bus, which is a Myriade Evolution, and DLR signs responsible for the instrument. The instrument on MERLIN […]

SpaceTech’s antenna for ICARUS enters commissioning phase

Immenstaad, 07 September 2018: The complex deployment work for ICARUS on ISS was conducted on August 15th. The Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Prokopyev successfully installed the ICARUS antenna “demonstrator”- a large antenna assembly which consists of a transmit and multiple receive antennas.

Best of Space at Industry Space Days ISD2018 of ESA

CRN Management presents the portal of German Space SMEs www.best-of-space.de at the Industry Space Days 2018 of ESA in ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL from 11. to 12. September 2018. You are invited to meet us at booth K24, right next to the ESA-village to meet with experts form German Space Companies. Some German SMEs have a […]

ASP – Equipment expands its headquater

ASP-Equipment GmbH, the largest independent SME for space products in Germany, has decided to take another major step of sustainable growth.
In autumn 2017 it was decided to acquire another 6.400 square meters of land directly next to the existing ASP-Equipment headquarters in Salem, in order to add…

GRACE Follow-On satellites transported to Los Angeles –Ground Support Equipment by SpaceTech

On Friday 12 December 2017, the transport of the two GRACE-FO satellites and their launch adapter from IABG to Munich Airport was successfully completed. STI helped to transport…

ESA procures Space-Bolt

After a long, thorough and positive evaluation process, the European Space Agency (ESA) has decided to procure SpaceBolt, the bolt analysis software of Space Structures GmbH and…

ICARUS flight hardware ready for shipment to Russia

In June 2017 the ICARUS flight hardware was declared ready for hand-over to the ICARUS project cooperation Partners in Russia. After a series of …

2nd SMD manufacturing line successfully qualified on 27.07.2017

ASPs sustainable growth is also visible in the increase of manufacturing resources. In the past 2 years ASP …

European HPS-Group first Enterprise to Receive EN 9100:2016-Certification

Quality first beyond borders Letterheads, websites, publications: The claim of the midsize European space company is everywhere: „HPS – The Team to Trust“. Since June 27th now, this claim is even officially backed by the award of the first certification according to the strict rules of the brandnew „DIN EN 9100:2016 Aviation, Space, and Defence […]

Additional expertise for functional safety: FEV acquires engineering provider etamax space GmbH

International engineering service provider FEV, headquartered in Aachen, has acquired the shares and business of etamax space GmbH. This was announced by the management of both companies. With the integration of the engineering service provider for secure software and secure systems, FEV also takes over all shares of ckc ag, which previously held 49.5 percent […]

Space SMEs fight for better conditions

Highly innovative Space SMEs from the Lake Constance region are struggling for funds, essential for their survival. The member of the Bundestag Lothar Riebsamen (CDU) visited local businesses and spoke to…

SpaceTech selected for delivery of JUICE RIME Antenna

On May 12, 2016, SpaceTech and Airbus have reached an agreement on the contract for the RIME Antenna delivery for the ESA science mission JUICE (RIME = Radar for Icy Moon Exploration; JUICE = Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer). The STI proposal stands out for the smart and light-weight technical solution and its cost-benefit ratio. The […]

European HPS-Group Growing

Even before the end of a strong year 2015 the top-management at the headquarters of the European HPS-group in Munich, Germany, had set the course towards expansion; it took just a few months…

Europe´s Euclid-Mission Taking a Giant Leap Forward

HPS hands over Euclid´s Flight Model of Antenna Reflector Assembly (ARA) to TAS-I in Rome…

MESH Made in Germany: Technical Textiles from Bavaria for the Worldmarket Space

With the foundation of HPTEX GmbH in equal shares by the Bavarian companies HPS GmbH and Iprotex GmbH & Co KG, a company is being launched that no one else in the space industry has ever had on the cards before: …

Freyer GmbH & Co. KG: new company profile on BoS

Freyer GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of very difficult milled and turned parts (single parts and small batch series), complete assemblies and also additive manufactured parts for aerospace.