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Company LXinstruments GmbH
Contact Christian Korreng
Position Vertriebsleiter
E-Mail C.Korreng@lxinstruments.com
Address Waldenbucherstr. 42
71065 Sindelfingen
Phone +49-7031-410089-17
Fax +49-7031-410089-18
Internet www.LXinstruments.com

LXinstruments GmbH

Our competencies in one sentence

The LXinstruments GmbH is a manufacturer of test- and measurement systems with focus on the aerospace and satellite industry.

Products and Services and R&D
  • Electronic Ground Suppport Equipment EGSE
  • Special Check Out Systems SCOE
  • Solar Array Simulators
  • Battery and Load Simulators
  • RF SCOE Systems
  • Custom Instruments (FPGA based PXI Cards)
Technology transfer
  • automotive
  • medical technology

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