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Think small first!

What we want

„Think small first!“

This is not a slogan of space SME, but one of the most fundamental principles behind the European economic strategy “Europe 2020“ adopted by the Ministerial Council of the EU and now a valid guideline in Europe. Its consequent application is of enormous importance especially in the context of developing business areas such as space which are expected to emancipate themselves from the still dominating effects of public financing. To promote growth of space business as well as growth of business through space means first and foremost promoting those players in the market who serve both worlds with their commercial structures and solutions – players who do not link their own growth strategies to an increase of public funding – the SMEs in the space business.

Their participation in German and European space projects, currently below ten percent, already exercises a unique leverage effect on the part of public funding; even the smallest increase would inevitably activate tremendous potentials for further optimization. Furthermore, the first prerequisite to activate internal mechanisms of competition is to include space SMEs in projects; additionally, utilizing the effect of SME´s lower hourly rates is the only effective way of reducing costs. Commercial as well as public customers benefit from these increases in efficiency at a rate that grows automatically with the extent of the involvement of SMEs in the respective project.